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Moving on to a new universe, new stories, new characters. :D

This next idea is a Heaven/Hell epic involving a young man who becomes the central focus for both forces, with the power to change the tide in favor of whichever side get a hold of him first. He’s accompanied by group of friends and family who aid him in escaping their sights.

First up, as introduced in NH’s Savior thread:

Name: Ulises Monroy
Age: 21
Species: Hybrid
Powers/Abilities: Nexus is a product of the union between an archangel and a demon. His soul is a conduit for all demiurgic energy in the Universe. He can manipulate reality on a scale matched only by the Immensity. Using his abilities to their full potential puts a great strain on him, withering him from the inside out. He could potentially die from overuse of his natural talents. Thus he relies mainly on lore and ritual, taught to him by his adoptive father, as a safe means of channeling his power. He primarily uses his abilities on a low-level, levitating himself, short-range teleportation, telepathic intuition, and moderately powerful telekinesis.
Ulises was born to the Archangel Samael and his demonic lover, Abaddon. In his birth he briefly merged the Three Planes, alerting all to his presence. The boundaries of Hell were greatly weakened. It was an unprecedented occurrence, one that ushered a frantic manhunt for the couple from both sides once they realized what Ulises was capable of. Samael left his child in the care of Hector Monroy, a Catholic priest plagued with prophetic visions. At one point many years ago, Hector had attempted suicide, but Samael appeared before him and bade him to go on living. Thus Samael called in his favor. They left Ulises and disappeared afterwards. Hector doesn’t know what became of them.
Father Monroy established a small mission in Baja California, raising Ulises among a sparse population of clergy and ranchers. He hired an old associate to act as a secret bodyguard, keeping to the shadows and preventing rumors of Ulises from spreading… by any means necessary. Ulises remained blissfully unaware of the horror that awaited him…