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To cap off my Spectrum stories, I have one more image. The establishment of Enigma (our Questioning representative) to a definite orientation and the finalization of his abilities.

Context for his new abilities:

The culmination of the battle is Dovev’s brutal take down of the team. Nothing they throw at him even slows him down. Eventually Enigma gets caught in Dovev’s sights, in between alters, and finds himself defenseless. Apex, desperate to protect Enigma, taps into the maximum potential of his power and manages to land a few devastating blows against Dovev, actually winding him. But the extradimensional onslaught recovers quickly and bats Apex away with ease, slamming him into a neighboring wall and breaking several bones. At this moment, fearing Apex to be dead, Enigma realizes he’s in love with him, and doesn’t care about his gender or what orientation he himself needs to be labeled with. All that matters is his connection to this one person.

With his ambivalence having come to an end, the sentient energy within Enigma finally adheres to his physiology and changes him one last time. His heart burns away, replaced with a pulsing reactor of cosmic energy. Enigma is no more, he is… Aperture!

With that Enigma no longer identifies as Questioning, and instead becomes representative of different orientation that is rarely a part of the larger LGBTIQQAA acronym

Pansexual- A person who identifies as pansexual feels sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward persons of all gender identities and biological sexes. (This is slightly different from bisexuality, despite the obvious similarities)

Aperture- TJ takes this new code name based on his new abilities. His finalized power-set stems from the cosmic energy reactor that replaces his own heart. Instead of blood his circulatory system courses with an energized plasma that delivers this energy throughout his body. He can use the energy to augment his strength and durability to superhuman levels. He can pool the energy and fire devastating pulses from his chest cavity, but overuse of this ability depletes his energy reserves and leaves him weak and vulnerable.