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Thanks everybody!

Continuing… When last we met our heroes, they were in the middle of an intense conflict with an army of mind-controlled young people and Ziva, the unwilling telepathic accomplice of cult leader Ezra Simon.

The members of Spectrum are trying hard not to hurt the dozens of people attacking them, acting agains their will as they are, and are having difficulty doing so without getting hurt themselves. Meanwhile Yrys is focusing his abilities on breaking through the cell holding Dovev. Puto gets blindsided by a couple of soldiers and Safezone is about to do something drastic to protect him when all of a sudden… the soldiers stop. They suddenly drop to the floor unconscious. Ziva’s eyes go blank and she does the same.

They’re too late, Ezra has absorbed their psyches and now has the power he needs to overwrite Dovev’s indomitable will. The cell explodes outward. Dovev stands liberated, but wholly under Ezra’s control. With his first command Ezra compells to Dovev to compell all living things save for himself and Ezra.

Yrys, in a rage goes, after Ezra, unleashing the full potential of his spirtual abilities. Ezra reveals his true physical form. Spectrum moves in formation to surround Dovev. His physical powers is astounding. Even his breathing sends seismic vibrations through the air. They cannot contain him, although they will try…

Ezra in his true physical form.

Dovev under Ezra’s control

Bonus, an angry Yrys: