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Before the team heads out to confront Ezra, Apex brings up the mysterious phenomena that Enigma’s abilities seem to be linked somehow to Yrys’s. They reacted when they came in contact. He wants to know why.

Yrys reveals that his spiritual energies have a sort of rudimentary sentience, and when the six young members of Spectrum were exposed to them, the powersets and abilities they gained were a reflection of their emotional state at the time.

-Meta: Reveling in her liberated identity, Karen was given the ability to walk between worlds and exist in various states, unfettered by physical and ideological boundaries.

-Apex: Cody’s altered body, peak strength, peak physical ability, reflects his desire for a physical body that more closely matched the masculine gender he felt inside.

-Stonewall: Lex’s impenetrable skin and invulnerability, reflects their extreme introverted nature and their desire to be protected and untouched by the ill judgment of others.

-Puto: Xuan Gabriel revels in his ‘otherness’. He wants to be a beacon for his identity, refusing to hide away and blend in with everyone else. His photonic energy projections allow him to make his presence known, to be seen.

-Safezone: More than anything Heather wanted to keep others safe. Her forcefields are a living extension of that protective nature.

TJ was different. He was entirely unsure of who he was when the energy hit him, and remains as yet not entirely committed to any particular aspect of his identity. The energy cannot coalesce and fuse with him as it did with the others. Thus, as Enigma, TJ wields the energy in its raw form and alters his own body randomly, never sticking with any one powerset. Yrys can still channel the energy in its raw form, causing it to react to his presence.

With this knowledge Cody proposes that TJ remain behind. His abilities are unpredictable at best and if they aren’t functioning properly in Yrys’s presence… he could get hurt or worse. TJ insists that he can defend himself. Before the pair can argue further Elementa cuts them off. They don’t have time for this. Yrys teleports them to the Choir room. They had planned to infiltrate the compound in secret and find a way to free Dovev discreetly. Instead they are greeted to dozens of the converted, little more than mindless drones at this point. Ziva at their head, projecting a field of mental static. Ezra has made his move, they’re in for a fight.