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Trying to wrap up the Golden Choir storyline, while tying up some loose ends with Spectrum’s origins in the 60’s. Things are going to get a little out there. Bear with me

Having discovered what happens to the young people once they are sent to the Golden Choir, Spectrum plans to confront Ezra. Before they can lay out their strategy, they are themselves confronted with the sudden appearance of Yrys! He teleports right into the heart of their headquarters, which leads to the inevitable superhero misunderstanding. During the battle Enigma tries to shift into a useful alter, but the energy that normally changes his own body and temporarily gives him a random powerset reacts with Yrys’s energies. The ensuing chain reaction and feedback stuns Yrys long enough for the rest of the team to subdue him. Yrys reveals that he didn’t come to fight… he needs their help.

Yrys starts at the beginning. He is not human. Neither is Ezra. They began eons ago as members of a cosmic trio, the guardians and occupants of a neighboring dimension, a plane of existence coursing with raw astral energy collected from the dreaming consciousnesses of all sentient beings. They were the Triad, channeling the energies of the dimension through the power of their sacred geometry. They represented the triangle, the strongest and most perfectly balanced of the geometric arrangements, the sacred trinity of Mind/Body/Spirit. Yrys repeats the mantra for them.

The Mind is Thought given Will.
The Spirit is the Mind given Flesh.
The Body is the Flesh given Form.

Ezra is the Mind, Yrys is the Spirit, and the third of their number… Dovev, is the Body. So they functioned for centuries until their geometric balance faltered, only for a second. In that terrible moment they were exposed, vulnerable to the emotional realities of humanity. They steadied their ritual, renewed the ceremony, but the damage was done. Yrys began to feel. He felt love, attraction, lust. Dovev the same. Eventually Dovev and Yrys acted on their feelings, forming a union of Body and Spirit that sent ripples across the dimensional plane. They were happy to have found each other, but Ezra too began to feel… He felt the emotions of the mind; greed, hatred, jealousy. He was against the happiness of his fellows, hating them for having what he did not. Ezra decided that love was an impurity, the dimension was infected with the emotions of man. He moved to use their geometric array to tear down the barriers between dimensions and flood the Earth with the raw cascading energies of their home, incinerating all living things. Dovev and Yrys fought him, but Ezra was more skilled in their lore, more focused. In a last ditch effort to prevent the destruction of humanity, Yrys and Dovev combined their skill and condensed the geometric array and the raw energy of their dimension into a triangular prism, trapping the three of them within.

The prism ended up breaking through to physical space, crash landing near New York City in the 1940s. It was discovered 20 years later by a sensitive (an individual who is able to perceive extra-dimensional phenomena), Hernán Machado who would go on to use the prism as the superhero Triad! The intuitive sense he always seemed to have, the guiding force that aided his crime-fighting, was in fact Yrys. Eventually overuse of his energies took its toll on Yrys and Ezra began to influence Triad, driving him insane and causing his psychotic break during the LGBT youth rally decades later. The dimensional energies that contained them, spiritual energies projected and wielded by Yrys, are the the very energies that altered the bodies of the younger members of Spectrum.

Triad was killed in the blast, but Ezra used the raw material of his body to mold a physical form for himself. From the remains of the prism he forged a spectral collar, restraining Dovev’s physical form and preventing the use of his voice (Dovev’s physical voice produces harmonic vibrations that degrade the stability of dimensional barriers, allowing him to move physically across all space). Yrys was at that time, a being of pure spiritual energy, and could not match Ezra. So he fled, leaving the being he loved more than anything in the hands of a sociopath.

While Ezra kept Dovev imprisoned and founded the Golden Choir, Yrys journeyed back to Triad’s abandoned loft in the West Village. He was able to use the lingering spiritual connection he had to to Triad to forge talisman’s of power out of his former possessions, specifically a cloak and an amulet. With these talismans Yrys could physically inhabit the world. That was when he began assaulting Ezra in public, attracting Spectrum’s attention.

Now in this current state Yrys implores our heroes to aid him in defeating Ezra and rescuing Dovev. Ezra’s plans have not changed. He still thinks humanity and their emotional consciousness to be perverse. Being unable to rip open the dimensions without killing himself, Ezra decides to act on a physical level. He plans to use Dovev to usher in the end of humanity. The massive hive mind he is building, when ready, will provide him with the sheer mental power needed to completely overwrite Dovev’s will (Ezra being unable to do so on his own) and use him as a living weapon. The team, naturally, decides that this plan cannot be allowed to come to fruition. Gathering their wits they decide to invade the Choir Room and end Ezra’s plans once and for all…

With Ezra’s origins revealed and with the discovery of Yrys’s direct hand in the creation of the new incarnation of Spectrum, the team moves to confront Ezra and put an end to his plans for the destruction of humanity…

To include an image with all of this plot, here’s Ezra, Yrys, and Dovev as they existed in balance within their own dimension. Before they were touched by human consciousness…