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This is a character I’ve been planning to introduce for a while, after realizing I neglected a newer segment of the community.

This is Allison Abernathy. She was one of the many runaways sent to the Golden Choir by concerned parents, fearing what they could not understand. Ordinarily she would have been folded into the hive mind along with the rest of the youth that Ezra comes in contact with, but Allison was special. She had vast untapped telepathic potential, that Ezra could sense buzzing just beneath the surface. So instead of the usual treatment, Ezra had his technicians cut into Allison’s brain and used his powers and his technology to bring out her abilities.

Allison becomes Ezra’s second in command, Ziva. She gains the ability to broadcast powerful waves of telepathic static, thoughtcasts that overwhelm higher brain function and immobilize her victims. Instead of joining the hive mind in the usual manner, Ezra tethers his mind directly to hers. Allison is a gentle person by nature, but is wholly enslaved to Ezra’s will.


Not to spoil the storyline, but eventually Allison is freed from Ezra’s control and comes to grips with her identity. Allison confirms her identity as an asexual. Thus Allison joins the team and my acronym has its final letter (I mean technically the full acronym is LGBTIQQAAP with the final P standing for ‘pansexual’ but I really don’t think I need to come up with an exclusively pansexual character. Let’s just say Stonewall is pansexual. There. lol)

A- Asexual. A person with a lack of sexual attraction to anyone or low or absent interest in sexual activity. They may still form romantic relationships with others.

Quandary – Allison Abernathy – Powers: Telepathic thoughtcasts that inhibit the mental functioning of those around her.


And an amended groupshot to include Quandary :D I made her color gray (continuing my black + one solid color costume theme) because gray is a prominent element of the asexual pride flag. Also all of the other colors of the rainbow were taken.