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Having moved into Spectrum’s fast, let’s get to the future :)

Following their tense encounter with the Anarqueers, a slightly more experienced Spectrum has to deal with the rising political and social momentum of the Golden Choir. Started by charismatic philanthropist, Ezra Simon, the Golden Choir had come from seemingly out of nowhere. While not overtly belonging to any religion, the organization espoused ‘traditional’ values and proposed itself to be the answer to the ‘moral degradation of society’. One of its specialties happened to be reparative therapy for LGBT youth, advertising its program as the cure for homosexuality, drug addiction, and all social ills.

Needless to say, Spectrum was more than disturbed by this rhetoric and Rosemary publicly denounced Simon’s teachings. He responded with a smear campaign on Spectrum and its members, buying out media vendors and curtailing favor with extreme-right leaning politicians. All the while the Golden Choir had something seedier going on behind its facade as a rehabilitation clinic and charity organization. Rosemary vowed to expose Simon for who he was, but she had no idea the scope of the forces involved and the danger she was putting all of them in…

With that out of the way allow me to introduce Ezra Simon. The charismatic and well spoken leader of the Golden Choir. He appears human, but his origins are far from it. He has vast telepathic power, his mind working like a virus, planting itself in the minds he comes in contact with and eventually overwriting them entirely and fusing them into a vast telepathic hive-mind. His powers don’t seem to work on the members of Spectrum, due to their exposure to the extra-dimensional energies of Triad’s prism. Something in his past is tied to Triad and the source of his powers, as yet unrevealed…