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Alias: Redfin
Real name: Martin Fright
Affiliation: The Shadow Freaks

Martin is an inborn mutant orphan who was adopted by two human couple after being found abandoned in the rails. He was named Martin and was cared and protected by his parents. A lot of people were terrified by Martins appearance and he never got proper education as most schools thinks he doesn’t fit in with any other children and his adoptive parents were forced to home school him instead. Growing up, Martin finds it hard to adapt as he has very few friends who are either criminals or social outcasts. He joined his first gang when he was 15, he was used by the gang as their frontman as he was very naturally skilled with firearms. In one of their gang operations, they were caught by Brutus and Freddie Mcpyre from the S.H.S.A. He didn’t go down without a fight, outsmarting the two officers and almost killing Freddie before being overpowered by other Superhuman agents. He was brought to a rehabilitation camp designed for criminal masterminds. Martin caused lots of trouble in the camp, beating two prisoners almost to death. Because of his outstanding skills with firearms, S.H.S.A. recruited him and told him the advantages of being a member. Martin refuses as he found it too pretentious of them to recruit him after all he’s done. Instead, he joined with the group which fits him most. The Shadow Freaks, a bunch of outcast who works for those who can pay.