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Real name:Berg Tucker
Affiliation:The Shadow Freaks

Berg was a well known wrestler who grew rich because of his career.That is until he was diagnosed with cancer.Depressed, Berg was desperate to find a cure where he stumbles upon a military general who offers him an untested cure for cancer, Berg unconditionally volunteers and went with the general.When the cure was injected upon Berg, all traces of his cancer disappeared for months but the cure took its toll.Berg became stronger and he grew a few feet taller as well, all of his hair fell and his skin turned pale brown.Berg was barely recognizable after another month, his wife left him and the wrestling team he was with rejected him from getting his career back as they suspected he used some kind of drug enhancement.Depressed and alone, Berg took on the alias: Krank and joined a group of mutant mercenaries called the Shadow Freaks.