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This is super nice! I will consider the torso as your official prize, but the other armor items would be awesome as well (maybe in the future). Where does this come from? Sometimes I can find other reference images to help create the final product.

@Nug said:

Steam punk contest item request:
Ok… man….I had a very hard time picking just one thing to go into the machine. It was quite a headache. I had several items in mind and spent alot of time in the machine seeing if i could pull off something similar with what was already available. Could for the most part which made it that much more frustrating. So without further ado I submit…. uhhh maybe this one… no…. this one maybe??? Ahhhh…..

Ok… I know this is in a 3/4 turn pose and you don’t do that, but if anyways possible you could pull it off for the straight forward look… awesome!
The whole suit would be awesome!!! but mostly i just want the torso.
If you don’t fill like taking that on I have a couple of other things narrowed down I can choose from. Just let me know man.