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@cliff said:

OK, I’ve never posted to the Forums before. So lets see if I can do this.

For my Inspired By Music 2 Win.

I was going to ask for a Fir tree, so we could decorate it with Insignia Shapes or whatever.

but you don’t do backgrounds.

So I thought I would ask for curley man hair
but you say your aren’t good with hair

SO considering that.
How about a tshirt
one that hangs straight down, not wide at top and narrow at waist, That way it can be used on a muscular build, or skinny to make the illusion of a regular joe type guy.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

And I hope this posts right

I’d be a sucker to try the hair. :( I’ll shoot for either tree or shirt if that is okay by you. The shirt sounds like something we could use for many reasons though. Good suggestion!