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Bad-People what items are you talking about? The only items iv seen on a 45 degree angle are the tech ones. and if you just set the rotate to 35 youve now got your 90. I do understand that it gets fustrating sometimes when items dont work out but thats half of the fun of the machine is figuring out how to fix those problems and the solutions you come up with. All of us that have made intricate images have had to mask, double up and macguyver ALOT of stuff.

Jeff, dblade and madjack (im sure theres another creator out there sorry) create these pieces based on the ease it is to them and how functional it is in the machine. If you want to take your hand at redoing some of those into a 90 degree then please try. I WISH I could draw items up, but it really is a major talent that takes serious practice.