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I think it’s important to note that dblade and MadJack are creating these items in their free time just for love of the machine and the community. Suggestions are more than fine and they’ve even asked for our input (how nice!), but I think taking a demanding tone in this thread kind of goes against that whole spirit of generosity they’ve been fostering.

As far as resizing issues: You know that you can always use the percentage values on the scaling graph. You can just type in a value for how much bigger/smaller you want manually in those boxes. As long as you keep the numbers equal in each box, the item will be in proportion. It’s also a good way to experiment with sizes. You can see how much of a difference a 1% increase can make in either value, or even go beyond the 200% limit that using the cursor puts on you (although the highest you can go is 999%). Hope this helps.