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Mad Jack

@Legatus said:
Is Jeff getting paid for that product placement on the hockey helmet?

Ummmm…err…welll… I don’t know what you’re talking about…
To be absolutely honest – I know nothing about hockey, let alone any other kind of sports.

@dblade said:
Now you’re just making me look lazy!

Nah, don’t worry, I just happen to have some vector graphics from older projects lying around which I can revamp for the Machine. Eventually I’m gonna run out of supplies and have to cobble together something completely new which will take me much longer.

@dblade said:
Would you rather see the current Color 2 (darker color) as a permanent transparent shadow and make the claws Color 2 or is it okay as is?

I think it’s better if you can give the claws a different color, but that’s just my personal preference … Smile