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@ madjack – that hand is pretty good. Great shadowing, maybe need some fingernails. I think that is great Heromachine material. Don’t be so hard on your drawing.

If you’re ever googling for pic reference, make sure you use the word reference in your search. There are many pose reference sites out there that will come up with some great examples. Most of the ones I got for “hand on hip” were pics from pinterest.

I also want to say is I know I throw many suggestions on here of things “I” would like to see added. Does everything get made, I really don’t expect it to. Just having fun throwing up things that would look cool. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to draw these and add them on. Heck, maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and see what it takes to construct images to add. I’m no graphic artist, I have taken an art class or 2 in the past and with reference pics and the right program, I just might surprise myself. Hmmmmmm…….

p.s. I think I’ve had too much coffee….