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Have you ever worked in Flash?

More than once – both animating and programming with ActionScript(2). Like I said, I’m a media designer by trade which means that I have to work with all programs from the Adobe Creative Suite frequently…

That is excellent (I was pretty sure you did but I didn’t want to assume). I ask because if Jeff gave his blessing and you were interested it would be great if you could add your items directly into the Flash sets once they were completed. You wouldn’t have to wait for me and you would have almost instant gratification (well, 4 hours at the very most). Of course this is dependent on Jeff’s blessing since this is his application and he has complete say on everything, especially these vital parts of the program.

The only catch is that you would have to be able to save to CS3. I work on Flash CS4 at home so I can save down.

One of the great things about putting in your own items is that if your really need something for a piece you could create it and see it HeroMachine all on the same day. THE POWER IS EXHILARATING! BWAH HAA HAA HAA!