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Mad Jack

@ams said:
I’ll try and search out a god reference pic to show what I mean.

That would be great – the accurater the reference the easier it is to reproduce… ;)

@dblade said:
Keep up the good work, Madjack. Alas, these items take time to place in the Flash sets and I only have so much to give. So bit by bit they will make their way into the program.

No problem, patience is a virtue. However, I only speak for myself, so if other people here are getting impatient, you have to come to terms with them. ;)

Have you ever worked in Flash?

More than once – both animating and programming with ActionScript(2). Like I said, I’m a media designer by trade which means that I have to work with all programs from the Adobe Creative Suite frequently… Laugh

BTW – here’s todays batch. As you can see, there are already less items.