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Once I get the Flash side of things figured out and Jeff gives me the go ahead I’m going to try to get back into item creation again. I haven’t decided how this will play out yet. I’ve tried a few methods in the past including a poll where I post a group of items that people vote on, random consolation prizes for finalists of contests (randomly chosen finalist), and even my own contests where the winner/winners get an art asset.

I’m thinking the poll (weekly or biweekly) will probably be the best method. This allows me to control what I work on while giving everyone on the site a chance to chime in on the decision. I will still take suggestions for polls so this will be another way to give the Machinists a voice on item creation. I will also talk to the moderators to see if these polls can be added to the Blog and given maximum exposure.

On another note. I plan on honoring all my past item creation commitments that I wasn’t able to get to. If you were promised an item please write me a note (and preferably a link to the original message). In any case I will go back through the forums and see if I can figure out who has something coming to them.

I’ll keep you posted on when the Item Dispenser starts up again.