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Herr D

@Lightningsword said:

@DiCicatriz said:

Too long. The year is 2346. The dominant species on the planet is a hyper-evolved race of cetacean humanoids. Surviving members of humanity are expected to leave a tribute of fresh fish on their doorsteps every five days. If you hear the shrill click of sonar then it’s already too late. Best of luck to you.

Oh, and by the way, all the remaining humans are already underground and have evolved with giant ears and no nose. Also we live underground and work as slaves for our masters.

No nose WOULD help you guys deal with the intense fishy smell of cetacean humanoids, and the ears would help with living underground, but where would that leave species like m—WAIT! NO MORE DBLADE ITEMS EITHER? Awh, man. Now I have two items that won’t get made. My timing must be worse than I thought. Oh, well. When are we seeing more of your amazing artwork, dblade?