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Thanks so much sir! I am truly surprised and very honoured. As for the request, there is a boot top in foot right that appears to be bands cross wrapped around the calf, with a straight band just below the knee. The costume designer in me wishes there were elbow length gloves in the same style. If this is possible that would be great. If not, just let me know. Hope this is not a lame request. I’ve never requested a piece of clothing for a superhero before. Thanks again, and props to all the entries. Great renditions of a very cool character.

I think I know which piece you speak of. I will post a sample later to verify. This is a very reasonable, non-lame request.

Yes I have to agree with dblade that you have made a non-lame reasonable request, there are a lot of items in both footwear and gloves that I wish had matching pieces in the other Another thing I noticed in Gloves is a distinct lack of gloves that are usable in both arm turned inward and arms turned out poses.