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djuby: djuby’s Neurotica has one of my favorite costumes, combining erotic naughtiness with dramatic showmanship. The feathers, chains, and leg bindings make a statement— something crazy is about to happen and you don’t know whether it’s going to be a glorious dream or your worst nightmare. I can definitely see her prancing about, talking sexy one moment and bat chip crazy the next.

Dark Moon: Very pretty. I really like the funky patterns in the outfit. This Neurotica looks a little too sweet for my evil plans though.

Weilyn: Weilyn’s Neurotica made me chuckle when I saw her. I really like the random clothing choices and those buggy eyes freaked me out. She struck me as an urban chaos mage, which is a good thing. Definitely brought the crazy.

Kaldath: Kaldath’s Neurotica has lots of attitude. She looks like a butt-kicking version of Neurotica, that is if you can ignore the cute little tophat, which brings her back into the realm of nutty. My daughter loved the little hat as did I.

Harlequin: Harlequin’s Neurotica is probably one of my favorites of his unique body of work. Great pose and coloring. This Neurotica is very sexy and tough, and even if she didn’t have mindbending powers I would probably be afraid to approach her.

Herr D: Herr D’s Neurotica looks great in her gypsy-styled outfit. She appears petulant and sassy, kind of a villainous Pink who will walk all over you while angrily singing her favorite tunes.

Fishface123: fishface123’s Neurotica is the scariest of the bunch, with her white skin and creepy eyes. I really like the clever representation of Neurotica’s powers, something I might borrow when I describe her power usage. Imagine a glowing energy mask with a face twisted in an exaggerated emotion, racing toward you.

JR19759: JR19759’s Neurotica has a great outfit that is both sexy and a little off kilter at the same time. Definitely the most traditional of villainous fashion while still being original and thoughtfully designed. I like that her eyes are quite striking even behind a mask.

CKnap: Cknap’s Neurotica looks like she might make an excellent super spy. Very pretty but not enough crazy. How often do you hear someone complain about that?

Headlessgeneral: The first thing that struck me with Headlessgeneral’s Neurotica is the expression on her face. The slight grin and overly bright eyes makes me wonder what is going on in Neurotica’s mind. Probably nothing good but a guy can hope. She looks playful and sexy, and probably the most approachable of this gallery. Just the way she wants you to feel.

I must say this was very hard to judge but ultimately I had to go with djuby’s Neurotica. I really like the combination of erotic and showiness and I feel she expertly represents the concept of Neurotica. So djuby, choose the form of your Custom Item and choose well! Feel free to post your request in this thread or send me a private message.

But that’s not all, folks! I have two runner-ups that I went to give props too— Headlessgeneral and Harlequin! For your consolation prizes you can each choose a Nose, Eye, or Mouth Custom Item that I will create to your specification. That’s right I’m giving away more prizes. That’s what happens in Crazy Town! Feel free to post your request in this thread or send me a private message.

And don’t forget, everyone’s entry is the first step to getting your own Custom Mask Item.