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Dark Moon

Here is another one, Her name is Pink Design.
Unknowing how to use her powers, she blew a building apart killing many people. The police thinking she was a witch took her to a maxium security jail, where they did some tests and found the more she stands the stronger she gets. so they put her in a low ceiling jail where she can only sit. Pink Design taught herself how to use her powers in jail, she wanted to be released but they kept her locked away only to find that she is immortal and does not age or die. Dark Moon(Pink Design’s one and only friend) found out 5 years after Pink Design was put in jail. (Police kept it quiet so no one would try to break her out.) Pink Design was in jail for 7 years before Dark Moon could spring her from jail.

The only restriction is that she has to be pink and in jail.
Other wise have fun! Hopefully we get some more with her, my last one did not work so well.