Re: Currently reading



Hey, I’ve read one of those. “The Sorcerer in the North”, it was – our local library service has a strange habit of buying a series and then scattering the books around the different library branches, and this time our branch got the fifth book! You’ve reminded me that I meant to try and find the others. I love fantasy, especially the kind set in the real world or something recognisably like it (I’m not so much for the heavy sword-and-sorcery stuff where everyone’s called things like P’tahk and Uioeou). Big kid, I know.

I’ve just re-read “Life, the Universe and Everything” (the 3rd Hitchhiker’s Guide book). Whew – I’ve been playing Star Trek Online and not much else for so long that I forgot what a real outer-space yarn is supposed to be like. That man’s got twice as much imagination as most of STO, and 100 times the LAUGHS!