Re: Currently reading



Right now, I’m splitting my time between 3 books, if only because different spirits move at different times.

Tank Men by Robert Kershaw is about armored warfare from World War I and II as seen by the tankers themselves. There’s little varnish and the interviewees come across with a lot of emotion, good and bad, and as real people instead of cardboard caricatures.
The Most Powerful Idea In The World by William Rosen. The story of the invention of the steam engine (the machine itself, not necessarily the choo-choo sort), and the understanding of Steam Itself. While steampunk seems to have been beaten to death as of late, it’s interesting focusing on that word’s first syllable.
You Never Give Me Your Money – The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles by Peter Doggett. The Fab Four after Brian Epstein’s death and the upheavals involved, from the Apple Corps debacle, Yoko Ono, the Allen Klein/Eastman management battle, and they fought to be four individuals instead of one group.