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Can’t see why not JR. A little break in the traffic is logical too, people need time to recoup and recover, in and out of character

Oh yeah, sorry about the rookie mistake with the code thing. It’s on my work computer unfort so will need to repost that tomorrow.

Oh and Alex, like what you did with your entry, I’m happy for your character to have opinions on the other characters, if anyone is uncomfortable, which I doubt, it’s easily written off as misperception, so all good. If you like, I would actually like to see Reapers opinion on Xiao Tou and so forth, and I think, if you have other ideas floating around, there is potential to do a little synopsis on characters not yet created, and if anyone likes the sound of how you personify them they could choose to write an entry for them, etc? Good way to inspire those who mightn’t have come up with something, and also pad out our dramatis personae