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@Iscarioto said:

On prswirve’s timeline idea, I actually think, while I’m not rooting for it, that there is no reason the timeline could take place over years, the nature of our entries lends itself slightly to that, there is no reason we can’t have a post dated December 2014 which briefly mentions what’s happened in the past while talking about a specific campaign in that time. The gap in time can be fleshed out by another author etc. Personally, I do see the robotic uprising as a major event, the Hong Kong portion could only be weeks, but Mainland China would be months, then there is room for expansion. As Ascension becomes more and more aggravated with the vessels, and with access to an immutable army (via facehugger type tech) then they start going after the home nations of the protagonists. Nuclear strikes anyone?

It becoming a global affair justifies prswirve’s end of the war entry. Which by the way is really nice, and I love the last line. But also dude, lol, it’s very, um “Then they did some things and the war was over. The end.” If it could be amended to a sort of “She did her part, but it was not enough” type of role that would be good. But not as keen on the idea of droid-army shield generators. Taking out a ship like that, which I see as more of a troop transport and vehicle carrier would be a blow, but there are heaps where that came from i’d say

On that note, anyone want a crack at designing those.

I reckon that maybe we could separate this out. Maybe have one definite end for the first few months, and then as a second part to the story we pick up a few months/ a year later.