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Guess I ought to start writing.

As a starting idea, I’m thinking a modern day setting, somewhere other than the United States, somewhere exotic, but not so exotic that we’d need to come up with an outlandish reason for everyone to be there, thinking like, an airport stopover hub destination like Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong?

In the mean time, if we’re thinking of a modern setting, how about everyone start working on an image for their own character in every day style, nothing costumey, but maybe distinct enough that when the costume comes about (if that’s the way the story goes) then you can see the links?

In fact, try come up with your power too, while baring in mind we don’t want to go overboard here, no Peters’ or Sylars’ from Heroes, or Rogues or Supermen, something a bit more grounded. Can have TK, but it gives chronic nosebleeds, or somthing. Limitations, at the very least for your characters to overcome later in the story. You guys are all pretty on to it anyway, so this goes without saying!