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@prswirve said:

The timeline i was having in mind basically looks like this….


ASC YR ( – 7 ) Jonathon Reischek launched the Ascension Program
ASC YR ( – 5 ) Ascension’s First Recruits
ASC YR ( – 4 ) Discovery of “Empty Vessel” (MT-VS7)
??? – ASC YR 00 Origins
ASC YR 00 The Invasion of Hongkong
ASC YR 00 MONTH 4 The Tunnel Massacre
ASC YR 00 MONTH 5 Survivor’s Escape to Mainland
ASC YR 01 The Battle of San Sham Road
ASC YR 02 The RedHand Resistance

..Which would serve as guides on plot points where we can build up on our story… I think this is vague enough to still encourage the creativity of everybody, yet clear enough as a guide so we’ll not get too confused or meshed up, if you know what i’m thinking…
And also, we could always remove or add in between as we go along…. so that’s just a sample and a suggestion. It’s still up to everybody to approve of this..

If the second short hand means what I think it means (i.e. years) you are planning for this to be massively long aren’t you? I think that that could be stretching it a bit.
I like the ideas, but I think it may need to be condensed a bit, into weeks and months.