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Vampy, while that sounds like a good idea, I’m not sure if it will cut down on the fluidity and the ability for people to feel like they’re shaping it as well, if you get what I mean. Though yeah having an outline would work if it was perhaps major events, and vagueish.

As I see it

Discovery of Powers
Taking a stab at picking off Troops/Testing powers
Forming a resistance
Fighting Back
Getting Asses Kicked
Travelling to Macau to enlist the help of the Triad
Jumping through hoops for the Triad boss
Some battles
Chasing the fleet through the mainland
Facing off against and joining up with the Red Hand or whatever I called them
Getting superhero costumes, yeah!

and so on. The gaps in between can be filled by the participants and all that.

Oh, quick character idea if something wants to use it. The Machinist – someone who can manipulate elements to forge weapons and armor and so forth primarily, but also with the ability to say, touch his finger against the chest of an enemy trooper and force the armor around that point to contort like an arrow and pierce through his chest. Or something. Sorry, thinking out loud.