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Alexander of Limbo

So i’ve had this idea for a character, but he seems i little pivotal, so if you don’t like the back-story i made for him just say and i’ll change it.

Mr. Reaper
All that is known about Mr. Reaper is that he was involved in the creation “Empty Vessel” and that he has a huge grudge against Ascension. He himself has taken “Empty Vessel” and his abilities have manifested into extreme manipulation (ie he can always find a way to make the cards shuffle in his favor, and by simply talking to people can convince them to do certain actions) and in some rare cases possession. He “persuaded” Ge Hong to take “Empty Vessel” and is now using it on people, whom are all cogs in his great plan. He wants to cause as much chaos for Ascension as Possible, and doesn’t care how much damage he does to others in the process…