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That’s perfect Harli! Great so we know what Xiao Tou looks like in the beginning and have a fantastic costume for him when we get to that part of the story.

prswirve, that HKPF officer is awesome, I feel like we could re-appropriate the Chief character Lam Shuk-Yee to be a female perhaps? Good to have some gender equality! Will try come up with a name. I love the hat, quite accurate to the real thing. One suggestion perhaps is adding a radio with the speaker on the straps, I dunno, for some reason that’s what I think of when I think of the HKPF from experiences over there, prominent radios. Haha.

Okay, So I’m going to finally finish and upload my first portion of story tonight in a new thread named Ascension in the RP forum. Will link it from here. My portion is going to be written in the first person, as it kind of makes it realistic when it comes to gaps in the knowledge of characters as this story sort of develops in real time. You can make assumptions and take risks and make big calls and they can be easily re-conned. So don’t have to follow suit, but yeah