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Okay, Let’s roll.



Present Day

A sudden breakthrough in science and technology sees the increase in cybernetic augmentation in the use of warfare. Budget cuts and riots see the uptake of this technology unpopular with governments worldwide. At the forefront of this technology, multi-national conglomerate know only as Ascension begin building an army the likes of which the world has never seen, creating an entity holding its own sovereignty beyond national borders and restraints. They begin hiring soldiers of fortune and reformed criminals, transforming them into cybernetic super-soldiers to bolster their ranks.

Meanwhile, Chinese scientists, while studying the effects of an ancient plague, make a breakthrough, harnessing a serum, known as MT-VS7, or ‘Empty Vessel,’ which turns the virus on its head, and grants the recipient otherworldly powers. The serum disappears soon after.

Aware of the implications of the serum, and wary of aggression towards their capabilities by China’s People’s Liberation Army, Ascension launch a swift assault upon Hong Kong, to stifle China’s economic and military capabilities, establish a foothold to mount their invasion of the mainland from, and to send a message to the world; they are here, and they are the future.

Our story begins in Hong Kong, with a group of vagabonds brought together by fate alone. Each receive a dosage of Empty Vessel whether willingly or otherwise. What they gain, they must use to protect the city, and themselves against this technocratic imperial invasion. Locals, tourists, students, lawyers and triads must unite to repel the incoming forces.

So here is where the interactions can begin. Before we start turning this into a story we need to develop characters.

So firstly there is your own character.

Each of the recipients of Empty Vessel as a base will receive increased perception and speed, heightened senses, the ability to lift items several times their own weight. The degree to which these abilities are improved is random, and the extent to which can be defined by you, as you see fit for your character.

Supplementary to that, each recipient also receive one particular power unique to them, i.e; Fire-Wielding, Teleportation, TK, Time Control, etc. Completely your choice.

Alternatively, if you decide to roll the villain role, the Legion of Ascension cybernetic augmentations will be improved over the course of the story. Initially, soldiers have their arms and legs completely replaced, the effects of which should be obvious, and also wear armor which ties into their limbs, improving speed, accuracy and strength. The technology should look bitsy at first, inhuman, and then with time the look of the tech itself will improve, look more sleek and advanced.

As the story progresses, the humanity of the soldiers decreases, more body parts replaced, greater abilities.

Eventually, as a plot point, Ascension will unveil technology which is mobile of its own regard that hunts down organics and attaches to them at the base of the skull, rendering them conscienceless and slowly replaces all but their important organs as a self-manufacturing sort of cyber-zombie plague.

Aside from developing your own ‘player character,’ if you will, we also need to look at designing the other pieces. Below shall be a list of things that need envisioning, if you guys want to go through and pick out what you’d like to define we can cross it off, and then everyone can submit their designs and we can work from there. You can design a look and contribute to their story.

Ge Hong – the ageless, yet frazzled scientist who discovered MT-VS7, and mysteriously disappeared with it shortly after.

Yi Quantou – Bandit leader from the mainland, strong sentiments of nationalism, wary of outsiders. Forms a militia, the Crimson Hand. His warriors all exhibit traits of Empty Vessel.

Xiao Tou – The little thief, a street orphan who joins up with the Triad as a fledgling ‘Blue Lantern.’ Has the ability to teleport items to himself which he has touched, making him a fantastic burglar. Morally good, just stuck in the wrong place.

‘The First Mistake’ – The original augmented Legionnaire. Horrified at what he had become, he fled, but promised to do what he could to destroy Ascension. Ninja-like, hidden in shadows, robed to hide not only what is left of his identity, but also the crudly formed augmentations which plague his body.

Shan Zhu – The leader of the Triad, acquired a cybernetic arm through his black market web. Also appears to have abilities from the Empty Vessel, almost an all seeing eye, who can visit the minds of those he forms connections with. Believed to operate out of a casino in neighboring Macau. The anti-hero, the protagonists must win his favor if they have any hope of winning the war. Morally grey, redeemable.

Qian Feng – The chief enforcer of the Triads, has the ability to manipulate fire. Heavy smoker. Morally bankrupt, a tool rather than an asset.

Lam Shuk-Yee – Chief of the HKPF, hesitant but cooperative with the protagonists.

Jonathon Reischek – Formerly considered a philanthropist and humanitarian, CEO of an important corporation. Lost his lower jaw and his sense of humility in an undisclosed incident several years ago. His hunger for revenge lead the drive to create the Ascension program, and lead him to spearhead the Legion as Commander and Chief.

We also need to define the look of certain set pieces.

The Legion of Ascension Invasion Craft – This is a bit of a trope, but I basically reckon every story needs great Star Destroyer-esque flying Aircraft Carriers. Could probably do with landing craft/mechs too.

The Legionnaires themselves – Thinking three phases, the first being quite simple armor, visible augmented limbs and facial modifications but with a whole lot of personalisation, like marines; trophies, custom weaponry and so forth. The second phase, in transition, would be more professional, like storm-troopers, their armor far more uniform, a helmet which is menacing and faceless, their actions more robotic and less human. The final phase would be pure cyber zombie, less emphasis on armor and more tech, with perhaps just the mouth up still visible to indicate they were once human, everything just butchered flesh wrapped around cybernetics.

So that was a huge spiel. No rush on any of this but if you want to pick one up here let me know which and get at it, and we can flesh this out.