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@Iscarioto said:

So, this is what I was doing instead of working on this comic project, but basically this is what I want to achieve. We can put up our designs for characters etc, but when it’s down to the crunch, it would be great for people to produce comic themed pages to continue the story. A lot more work than I first expected though, so there is that. but yeah

Would it maybe be an idea if we used this thread to make the main story line for the comic on a weekly basis and then at the end of the week a few people create the actual panels from what has been suggested during the week (maybe split it into Week A- story writing, Week B- Comic making if this was the case) so we ended up with either a weekly or bi-weekly comic style thing. Because otherwise having people just make panels randomly could mean we end up with completely unconnected short stories that only seem to begin and don’t conclude. Just an idea.