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OK, here we go. Here’s a rough draft of how Miss X ends up in Hong Kong. “God, I hate Hong Kong,” Miss X thought to herself. “Like 100 people jammed into a small-ass Lower East Side studio apartment, hopped up on cheap booze and cheap designer drugs and calling it a party. But I still love the mainland.” Unfortunately, she had no time to dwell on her love for China, not while going over the files her CIA friend copied for, (forwarded to?) her. “Cyborgs, invasion fleets, mass murder, spontaneous transformations and outbreaks of meta-human abilities? What the fuck is going on here?” “I wonder if this Ascension has anything to do with the weirdness the Organisation was up to before I quit? They were really pushing those enhancements on me hard; maybe they wanted me to be a guinea pig? ” It was at this time that the young Shaolin monk accompanying her informed Miss X that they were approximately 10 kilometers from the boarder of Yau Tsim. She was advised it may be easier to slip into Wan Chai from here than by way of Kowloon, as reports of increased Ascension activity there were being intercepted. “You carry that big samurai sword and lethal firearms, but you will always be Shaolin to us, Sister.” “Thank you, Brother Quan. I owe the monks a great debt.” my brain is tired right now. busy researching the geography of HK to make Miss X’s covert trip more believable. Any feedback on this little bit will be greatly appreciated. I know it’s not much, but I was doing a lot of reading to catch up. You guys have done a helluva job so far!