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Also Iscarioto, as an after thought, the seeming agelessness of Miss X is another part of her mystique, if you will. Most men already underestimate the physical strength of women, and I see Miss X as a tall, well built woman without being overly muscular, unlike most of the females I make. That’s part of what makes her so lethal; no one knows jack about her, but rumors abound. Enemies think she must be old as hell to be so experienced. Enemies see her and think, “This bitch thinks she’s bad; this won’t take long,” and by then the fight is over and lost. She’s like a female Batman type; peak physical and mental training, above and beyond optimum human conditioning, but it’s her drive, determination and above excellent tactical skills as much as her physical abilities that make her so dangerous. Think Amanda Waller mixed with the Huntress.PANEL-MISS-X-1.png