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Good question livewyre, I haven’t really done this before. I suppose myself, or someone else can put up ideas for the setting, we vote on it and then write and design our own characters on it, and then come up with plot points. I’m keen to try and make this almost a community interactive comic, rather than a text based RPG type, so say, your young Lawyer on an Internship in HK realizes he’s developed TK in the middle of a court hearing in Kowloon, you would illustrate that happening in HeroMachine, and we’d use that as an introductory page for that character. Then the game master decides that this could be an interesting plot point, so tells you that a group or mercs (perhaps controlled by another forum member) break into the court room to silence a witness, so you must put up a page or two dealing with the crooks using your newly discovered TK ability. But then OtherForumMemberX is passing by and see’s that sh!ts going down, so jumps in to provide help. Build from there.

I image it will be a bit more lengthy than a normal RPG, as we could have little tie-in competitions to design the villains and the settings and to whip it into a comic like shape.

On that note, I may try myself, but who is keen to whip up a couple of generic comic frames as templates to use?

On the note of setting itself, I’m toying with an over all idea.

So we have Hong Kong. Each player can come up with a reason for why they are there. But the overarching story I’m thinking will be along the lines of advances in military tech see augmented super-soldiers becoming more prevalent. But the price to mass produce them under the global financial crisis is astronomical and beyond the means of most governments to justify. Capitalizing on this, the producers of the technology and various multinational corporations form a conglomerate to fund and produce a dutiful cyborg army. Seeing China as a threat, with the worlds largest standing army, they strike quickly, using Hong Kong at the hub of the production rich Pearl River Delta as the staging ground for their much larger planned attack on the Mainland. Political anarchy, vote-buying and the like insures that the US, the EU, NATO and the UN, etc, are limited to intervene, so stuck under lockdown beneath the secret invasion, a band of misfits must form together to prevent eventual global domination and enslavement.

The enemies will initially be willing soldiers of fortune who submitted themselves to the augmentation in hunger for power. As the story progresses, some of these soldiers start developing a soul, and as such, the corporation initiates the next phase of their technology, a form of nano-tech which attaches itself to unwilling hosts, using the parts of their body which are needed for mobility, while stripping away their personality, leaving only a loyal hive mind.

That blurb was longer than I expected.

Thoughts? Feel free to add ideas and so forth and then we can turn this into a proper write up and go from there?