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@Iscarioto said:

Loved your post too JR, really liked how you mentioned a mall. I mean Hong kong has heaps anyway, so it could have been any mall, but the fact you mentioned it and then kept moving had me go “Oh, he’s going to… no wait, ooh that’s interesting.” That and how you acknowledged the timeline, there would be nobody from the group in times square for another 12 hours or so, so good stuff.

Everyone is so intuitive!

I did mean for it to be the same mall, for that reason. I would be really surprised if Ascension didn’t start levelling all malls, stations and airports in Hong Kong soon, or at least getting rid of any pockets of resistance within them.

I’ve done a design for Ge Hong now, dunno if he’s like people imagined him, but I thought that this is what he’d look like after disappearing for an unspecified amount of time.


Edit: Updated to make him look older