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Haha, the writing has been so good so far. I’m working on a status report thing at the moment to post in the story, in-universe, just a read out of what’s happened for the higherups of Ascension. Good way to lay it all out I think so everyone out of universe is on the same page, and to give a view of the wider spectrum, mentioning operations in parts of Kowloon, bits happening at the border, key targets. Might give room for people to have new ideas for indirectly related stories etc, options for going forward and things that can be glossed over. That and mention of the next phases and stuff, as a precursor for stuff that’ll come way way down the track. We’re talking pages of threads away, but still nice to make a mention. Also, might clear up some of the timeline, invasion-wise we are less than 24 hours in, at last read, will fact check and try and frame it properly. That’ll be the last writing i do till we catch up on the imagery, and I think it can act as a 2nd chapter close. Sorry for getting a bit ahead. It’s just fun so far!

Loved your post too JR, really liked how you mentioned a mall. I mean Hong kong has heaps anyway, so it could have been any mall, but the fact you mentioned it and then kept moving had me go “Oh, he’s going to… no wait, ooh that’s interesting.” That and how you acknowledged the timeline, there would be nobody from the group in times square for another 12 hours or so, so good stuff.

Everyone is so intuitive!