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@Herr D said:

Good thread title. Highlighting / shading takes practice, or at least a lot of trial and error or copying how other people do it, but I can tell you the basic principle easily enough. In Backgrounds / Shapes last section, there are two circle gradients. Take the leftmost with colors 1 and 3 at alpha 0% and turn color2 to white for highlighting or black for shadowing. Vary transparency or color for desired effect and don’t be afraid to try everything–pixels don’t cost much to replace! CantDraw put up a tutorial for “sparkles” which is pretty good. You might try to imitate headlessgeneral, JR#, and some others too; they’ve done some of the best lighting / shadowing work on humanoid faces.

Thanks for the tip. I will try my hand at it on my next character. Thanks!

@hawk007 said:

Good start! The proportions are right, and I think that the character is pretty good. The only thing is that I don’t get what she’s holding. Anyway, good character. I would just advice you not to try to do “one character a week.” I’m not saying it’s too much. I mean, I could probably do 1 a day. I’m just saying, do it at whatever pace feels right. Don’t feel like you have to do one each week. Do more, do less, do whatever you want. I’m just saying, you don’t have to stick to the schedule.
But, it doesn’t really matter. The point is, that I think your character is a good start, and I hope you continue.

It is supposed to be a bottle of wine (read: blood). I’m not 100% happy with this particular bit, but changing ti would have required changing the arm pose and I was too scared to screw the whole ensemble up if I did that.

Yeah, the one character a week is mostly a motivator for me. I will try to stick to it as much as possible, at least for a bit. I need goal like that to be disciplined :P