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In the Shadow of the Reaper:

Central city continued on after that fateful night, people helped clean up the streets and crews worked to rebuild what was lost. Kyle continued with his life, going to school, working and fighting the crime that ran wild throughout the city. But recently he had been slower, since his last fight with Quake, Kyle had felt drained. Not knowing what was wrong he continued on like any other day, Kyle and Jordan were walking down the street when Kyle grabbed a newspaper; the front page read “Grimm’s grasp takes hold” As Kyle read the article out loud Jordan showed distaste, grabbing the paper from his friend and said “Forget him, he’s just another gang leader.” Kyle looked at his friend and agreed, as the two parted Kyle headed home. Walking in the door he turned on the news. There was a report about the gang violence going on throughout the city, grabbing his costume and changing Destroyer headed out. Arriving downtown he quietly patrolled the rooftops, just as Destroyer was about to call it a night the sound of an alarm could be heard. He rushed to the scene; dropping from the roof, he saw the front window of a jewelry store had been broken. Inside was three men looting the store, Destroyer steps inside commenting to the men “Now let me guess you’re just borrowing those aren’t you?” The three men looked up, one of them saying “It’s Destroyer! Get him!” The three men rushed towards the hero. Destroyer easily countered and subdued the men, restraining them and leaving them for the police he looked at them and said “You guys just never learn do you.” As he turned to leave the store his path was blocked by another man. He looked at the strangely dressed figure and said “Who might you be?” The man laughed manically and looked up, having his head burst into flames Destroyer saw the man was wearing a pumpkin head and green and black rags. “I’m the Jack O’ Lantern.” He replied, as he threw a knife out towards Destroyer, as the hero dodged the attack he struck back with an energy attack but Jack O’ Lantern evaded the attack. Moving closer Destroyer started fighting the villain hand to hand throwing out a fury of combos gaining the upper hand. Losing the fight Jack O’ Lantern quickly backed away, reaching into his bag he pulled out two pumpkin shaped objects. Laughing he threw the two objects towards Destroyer. As the hero went after him the two objects started to release a dark thick smoke blocking his view and making it hard to breath, as he looked up the smoke started to clear and Jack O’ Lantern was gone, “Who was that guy?” Destroyer commented as he got to his feet, hearing police sirens he quickly made his exit. Kyle grabbed the paper the next morning; looking through it he saw another story on the Reapers gang. No matter how many men Destroyer stopped the Reapers seemed to keep coming. Throwing the paper away, Kyle waked into the train station and met up with Jordan. As the two of them boarded the train Kyle noticed his friend seemed a little off today, “What’s wrong?” Kyle asked. Jordan looked out the window, pausing for a moment. “I’m just dealing with something, don’t worry about it.” Jordan replied. Now knowing what else to say Kyle didn’t ask again as the train stopped, Jordan said goodbye to his friend and walked off the train, as he made his way out Brooke Stillson walked on. Noticing Kyle she walked over and sat next to him, looking over she said “We go to the same school right?” Kyle nodded “We have a couple classes together.” He replied, the two of them talked for a while. When the train stopped a small group of men boarded the train, “As one man pulled out a gun he aimed it in the air and shot once, addressing the passengers he said “Everyone off the train and make your way into the station!” Shooting once more the passengers got up in a panic and left the train, as Kyle walked off Brooke followed close behind him. A man grabbed Brooke and pulled her off to the side, as she screamed Kyle quickly reacted, pulling the man off of her he quickly put the man on the ground. Seeing this, two others came running, Kyle stood ready to fight. The two men attacked, dodging and countering their attack Kyle round kicked one in the body, the man retreated in pain. Engaging the second man he blocked and countered knocking the man unconscious. Looking towards the man with the gun, as the man shot at Kyle he ran dodging the bullets. Closing in on the attacker he quickly blocked the last shot and disarmed the attacker. As the two of them fought Kyle started to win the fight, as the man pushed him back he quickly retreated. Kyle turned around to make sure Brooke was alright then quickly chased after him, running through the train station Kyle was dodging people by the dozens. As he followed he saw the man stop with a large group, one of them Kyle noticed, the Reaper himself. He quickly turned around and ran to the bathroom, changing into his Destroyer costume, he knew if the Reaper was here than it’s going to mean trouble. Back in the main station the Reaper signaled his men to block the exits, as they did he stood up on a bench and addressed the crowed saying “Ladies and gentlemen, I am here for one simple thing and as long as none of you get in my way no one will be harmed.” He then turned to one of his men “Get to the control room; stop the trains.” He said as the man went running for the control room door. “Now we wait.” The Reaper continued. As the thug reached the control room door Destroyer tackled the man away, quickly finishing him off. Getting up he looked over and said “You picked the wrong train station to rob!” The Reaper looked at the hero laughing and replied saying “Who said anything about a robbery?” The two men behind him then threw off their trench coats; the one on the right was the Jack O Lantern and on the left was a man in a blue and green masked costume. As the two henchmen walked towards Destroyer the Reaper said to him “This is the day the great hero falls and the day the world fears the Reaper!” As he finished Jack O Lantern attacked. Dodging the villain’s attacks Destroyer strikes back landing a swift kick, stunning his opponent, the unknown man then attacked, as the hero tried to avoid his attacks he is hit with amazing force sending him back several feet. “No way is that strength normal; this guy has to be superhuman.” Destroyer thought to himself, he then charged at his enemy, countering his attacks he Destroyer easily gained the advantage. As he did the man’s strength seemed to grow, Destroyer quickly powered up punch and went to finish his enemy, as he landed he hit the man did not move, standing strong it was as if Destroyer was hitting a steel plate. The man then charged for the hero, backing away Destroyer quickly powered up his hand and blasted the man burning his mask. Quickly removing his mask the man looked up at the hero, Destroyer couldn’t believe his eyes the man standing before him was his best friend Jordan. Shocked at seeing his friend standing before him he was struck by Jack O Lantern, countering the villains attack he fought back as the fight between the three men dragged on for several minutes the Reaper suddenly called out “Destroyer! What will you do with someone else’s life on the line?” The Reaper had Brooke Stillson at gun point, threatening the hero with the life of another. Standing down he was brought down and quickly restrained, the two villains brought the hero before the Reaper. Standing over the hero, the Reaper stood triumphant, “This was all too easy, I knew you couldn’t resist saving the life of another. Now I’ve removed the cities protector and nothing can stand in my way.” The villain said as he reached for his gun. Just as he was ready to finish the hero one of his men came running in and said “The police are making their way in boss what should we do?” Annoyed the Reaper replied “Do I have to do everything myself!” “Watch the prisoner.” He said to Jordan as he and Jack O Lantern walked to the exit. Looking up at his friend Destroyer tried reaching out to him and said “Why are you helping a mad man? You’re better than this!” Looking over at the hero he replied “I don’t have a choice, you wouldn’t understand.” “You always have a choice Jordan. You can always choose to do the right thing.” Hearing Destroyer say his name Jordan was confused, looking over at the hero. “It’s me Kyle.” Destroyer continued saying, Jordan reached to remove Destroyers mask, seeing that it was indeed his friend he said “I knew it!” Pleading with his friend he said “Please Jordan I need your help. We need to help her, I can’t save her alone.” Not answering Jordan put back the heroes mask, as he did the Reaper and the Jack O Lantern returned, as the villain walked up he aimed his gun and said “Now where were we.” Getting to his feet slowly Destroyer stared at the man. “Say goodbye hero!” The Reaper said as his gun went off with a Bang. As the hero stood there with the bullet barrelling down towards him he was ready to meet his end, but right then Jordan stood in his way. “Not today!” Jordan said as the bullet ricocheted off of him, turning around he untied his friend and helped him up. As the two looked over at the villains Destroyer stepped forward and said “This ends tonight Reaper, you’re going down!” The mad man laughed “Get them!” He ordered his men, the thugs attacked the two heroes, defending themselves and countering the attacks the two of them made short work of the thugs. As Destroyer finished off the last henchman he powered up his left hand and shot an energy blast at the Reaper. As the blast was about to hit Jack O Lantern blocked it, engaging the hero Jack O Lantern threw a pumpkin bomb, exploding with a cloud of smoke that blanketed the battlefield. Not being able to see his opponent Destroyer was at a disadvantage, Jack O Lantern’s helmet however had thermal night vision. Attacking the hero Destroyer was quickly losing, quickly entering the fight Jordan aided his teammate. Defending Destroyer and knocking Jack O Lantern back he helped the hero to his feet. Thanking his friend Destroyer re engaged his enemy, as the smoke cleared it was apparent that the hero was the superior fighter. As the two of them battled it out, Jordan turned to fight the Reaper, as the villain shot at him with is gun Jordan made his advance, the bullets falling off his body. Unharmed from the attack Jordan retaliated, fighting the mad man in a hand to hand fight, right from the start Jordan was twice as strong as the Reaper and quickly gained the upper hand. As the Reaper began to panic he quickly swept Jordan off his feet brining him to the ground, grabbing Brooke once again he held a knife out and took off down the train tunnel with the girl. Jordan called out to Destroyer saying “He’s got her!” Dodging Jack O Lantern’s chain and knife he grabbed the chain, pulling the villain into him as he did the hero charged up his hand and landed a punch on Jack O Lantern finishing the villain and sending him back several feet. “I don’t think so, let’s go get him!” Destroyer said as the two heroes ran down the tunnel after the Reaper. As the two of them headed down the tunnel they came to a split and they decided to separate, Destroyer ran down the left and Jordan took the right. As Jordan was going along he came across a maintenance door, slowly walking up to it he was attacked from behind, stunned momentarily he was struck again, the Reaper was using a pipe as a weapon, as he swung again Jordan caught the pipe and stopped his attack. Running inside the maintenance room the Reaper came out with a torch. Lighting it he headed towards the hero, as Jordan stood his ground he attempted to avoid the torch. Feeling the searing heat Jordan kept back, not being able to do anything but defend himself he slowly retreated. Just then the Reaper was hit with a blast from behind, Destroyer tried shooting off another blast but couldn’t. Surprised he quickly attacked the Reaper, disarming him he quickly swept him to the ground. Approaching the Reaper Destroyer planted his foot on him, holding him down Jordan restrained him. Destroyer ran into the maintenance room, looking around he found Brooke in the back corner. He walked up to her reaching out his hand and said “Its ok, you’re safe now.” Leading her out of the room the heroes heard shouts coming from down the tunnel, saying goodbye to Brooke, looking up at Destroyer she kissed him on the cheek and thanked the heroes, they then scattered leaving the mob boss to the police. They rejoined back at Kyle’s house, Kyle looked over at his friend and thanked him for saving his life and asked “Why were you working with them?” Jordan knowing he had to come clean said “I got into some money issues and borrowed from them. When I wasn’t able to pay it all back he gave me an alternative.” As the two of them cleaned up Jordan said to his friend “So you’ve been doing this alone all this time?” Kyle nodded, “That’s amazing.” Jordan said, curious Kyle asked his friend about his abilities. Jordan replied saying “I don’t know they just happened, I can increase my density and strength, the more I increase it the more durable and stronger I can become.” Jordan then continued “I saw you a couple months ago coming out of the window in your costume, you should be more careful.” Liking the thought of not being alone with his secret anymore Kyle quickly asked “So what are we going to call you?” Looking confused Jordan didn’t know how to answer. “Well if you’re going to be out there fighting with me you’re going to need a codename.” With a slight laugh Jordan thought to himself for a second. “Call me Powerhouse.” Jordan answered. Shaking hands the two friends agreed from now on neither of them would be fighting alone.