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Seismic Proportions

Sirens rang, lights flashed and the ground shook in Central city as earthquakes disturbed the night. In the center of the city was one man rampaging through the city determined to see it burn. As he ripped up the ground and destroyed buildings, at his feet was the one man everyone was waiting for to protect them, Destroyer. Twenty four hours before the incident Kyle was at school attending a martial arts class in the gym, as Kyle stood there listening he could help but notice the girl’s gymnastics team enter the other side of the gym. But most of all he noticed her, the blonde hair, blue eyed Brook Stillson, Kyle thought to himself “If only she knew what I could maybe then sh- -” Kyle was interrupted, he turned around to see the martial arts instructor staring down at him saying “So Mr. Mathews why don’t you show us what you can do.” Kyle put on his gloves and stepped into the boxing ring with another classmate, as the bell on the timer beeped the two touched gloves and the fight began. As they circled the ring the classmate came at Kyle throwing a combination of lefts and rights. Kyle blocked and countered the attack stunning his opponent. The classmate stepped in once again throwing out another combination, Kyle countered once again this time following up with a finishing kick, knocking his opponent to the ground. The timer went off and the fight ended. Kyle removed his gloves as the instructor said “Good work today everyone, class is over, see you all next time.” Kyle grabbed his bag and walked out of the gym; outside he heard a familiar voice say “You still can’t fight.” He looked up to see his old friend Jordan, Kyle smiled and shook his friend’s hand asking “When did you get back?” Jordan replied saying “Last night, don’t know how long I’m here for though.” The two of them talked about recent events and what each other had been up to. Jordan then picked up a newspaper reading the front page “Another robbery destroyed by Destroyer.” Putting the paper back down he asked Kyle what he thought about the costumed hero. Kyle looked at him for a moment while thinking “Should I tell him?” He then replied to Jordan saying “He’s changing the city for the better; he’s exactly what we needed.” As the two left the school a group of buses were filling up, Kyle noticed Brooke as she boarded the bus. The two walked across the street, the sound of police sirens could be heard, Kyle turned to Jordan and said “You know what I forgot something back in the school I’ll just be a few minutes.” Before Jordan could respond Kyle had taken off across the street, Kyle quickly ran behind some cover and put on his Destroyer costume. He then headed off towards the sirens, as he turned down a street he saw a black unmarked car being chased by three police cars, Kyle walked to the middle of the street raising his energized hand. As the black car barreled down the street straight for him, Destroyer blasted the ground a few feet away creating a ditch, moments later the car came to a screeching halt. The doors opened as Destroyer walked towards the car two men emerged, as one reached for a gun Kyle quickly stopped him. The man then threw a punch and the two engaged in a hand to hand fight. Being an experienced fighter Destroyer was easily able to hold his own, as the man threw a punch Destroyer weaved underneath and countered, throwing the man to the ground and knocking him unconscious. Destroyer turned around looking for the second man but he had disappeared into the crowd of people that had formed, as the police arrested the unconscious man he made his exit. Meanwhile on the other side of the city small earthquakes could be felt throughout the streets, as Kyle walked into his place he turned on the television, the news was talking about abnormal earthquakes were being felt throughout the city and moving. Kyle changed the channel and switched past two other news stations with the same report. The camera man zoomed in around the city streets, people were running around frantically; the reporter could be heard saying “For the past few hours frequent earthquakes have been happening all over the city. People have been evacuated to hospitals all over and the source of it seems to be a single man behind it all that the city has come to call Quake.” As Kyle watched the report the camera zoomed in on a man dressed in a black costume walking down the street, the ground shaking around him. The reporter went on to say how a class of students on a trip to Stillson Tech is still inside the building and are right in the path of the destruction, Kyle watched the television closely as the camera zoomed in on the bus he could see a group students from his school. He put on his Destroyer costume and headed out to stop Quake. As Kyle left through his bedroom window, Jordan was walking up to the house, he watched as Kyle put on his mask and climbed onto the roof he quietly said to himself “Kyle?” As Destroyer made his way through the city he came upon ravaged streets, police cars up turned, roads broken apart and buildings partially destroyed. He kept moving, following the path of destruction, he started hearing more sirens as he came around a corner he saw Quake with police surrounding him, as they attempted to apprehend the man he violently shook the ground making short work of the officers. Destroyer walked up to the man as he got close he shouted “Hey! You need to stop this; you’re going to destroy the whole city!” Quake stopped, “They did this to me, now they’re going to pay!” He replied as he looked over his right shoulder with a menacing glare towards Destroyer, “And you’d be wise to stay out of my way.” He continued, Destroyer walked towards the man and said “Who did this to you? I can help you; you just need to calm down.” Quake quickly turned and stomped the ground sending a shockwave towards Destroyer while shouting “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Destroyer was thrown off his feet and to the ground. He got to his feet and stood ready to fight; looking at Quake he powered up his left fist and said “Wrong answer.” He ran at Quake as the menacing man stood his ground he raised his hands, as he did two pillars of earth came up from the ground stopping Destroyers attack. As Quake turned to walk away he was struck from behind with a blast of energy, he turned around seeing Destroyer approaching him once again he raised his right hand pulling a boulder from the ground he took a step forward throwing his hand towards his enemy, as he did the large rock hurled itself the hero. Destroyer quickly blasted the ground raising himself in the air, landing on the boulder he leapt towards Quake just to be hit by another pillar. As Destroyer hit the ground he powered up his hands and slowly circled Quake, while walking around the man he asked “Who did what to you? Give me a name, I can help.” Quake stood his ground and replied, “Stillson Tech! They made me this way, doing experiments and tests. They made my abilities so uncontrollable I brought my own house down… My wife was still inside.” Destroyer stood, shocked at what he had just heard he replied back, “You need to calm down, turn yourself in and I’ll look into Stillson Tech.” Not having heard what he wanted Quake became angry, clenching his fists he yelled out “NO!” The ground shook violently around Quake, knowing if he doesn’t stop him his classmate would be killed, Destroyer charged towards Quake ready to attack. As he got close the ground started to crack, Quake lifted his hands and a giant piece of earth around him was ripped from the ground. As Destroyer looked around he saw them rise into the air, he looked back at Quake and powering up his hands he blasted a small beam towards him, Quake raised a wall to defend himself, as the wall crumbled from the hit another beam blasted through and hit Quake knocking him several feet back. As he got back up, he flung a group of rocks towards Destroyer, blasting each one Destroyer ran towards Quake, engaging in a hand to hand fight the two exchanged blow. As the two fought Destroyer slowly got the advantage, overpowering his enemy he quickly countered an attack and brought Quake down. As he stood over the villain the man laughed, just as Destroyer was about to deliver the finishing blow he was struck from behind, the rock carried him off the floating piece of earth sending him falling 2000 ft. to the ground. Quickly falling Destroyer blasts the ground slowing his fall, as he hit the ground Quake slowly approached. Landing on the ground he walked up to Destroyer, both men beaten and worn out, Quake stood over Central cities protector, looking down upon him he said “The great Destroyer, ready to give his life for his city, now you can watch it crumble.” Raising his hands Quake sent the giant piece of earth floating high in the sky crashing towards the ground straight for Stillson Tech and the students inside. Destroyer turned over and scissor swept Quakes legs bringing him down, Destroyer threw three powered up finishing blows knocking Quake unconscious and got to his feet. As the giant piece of earth crashed towards the building Destroyer quickly ran for Stillson Tech, reaching the building quicker than normal he stood firmly in front of the entrance. Charging up both of his hands he combined the power of both and blasted a large beam of energy towards the falling piece of earth, barely doing any damage the piece of rock still made its decent Destroyer gave it everything he had, putting all of the power he had into the blast, as the beam grew in size and strength the giant rock was slowed to a halt and began to crack and in one instant it was obliterated into millions of pieces. Having saved the city Destroyer fell to his knees in exhaustion. As people piled out of Stillson Tech and surrounded Destroyer, Brooke approached him, he looked up at her barely being able to see clearly let alone stand he got to his feet. Smiling at her she smiled back and thanked him, turning around he walked away from the crowd of people and took off down a back alley. Stopping he raised his hand trying to create a ball of energy, he concentrated as hard as he could but nothing happened. Not knowing what to do, he changed out of costume and made his way back home.