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Real Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5′ 10″
Eyes: n/a
Hair: n/a


– Alignment: Bad
– Identity:
– Citizenship: Canadian
– Martial Status: Single


– Radiation Manipulation: Reactor is able to manipulate the radiation within his suit to create EMP pulses and explosions that he can use. He can also cause objects to break down and organisms to shrivel up or sustain a mutative disease. 

– Radiation Absorbtion: He can drain any form or radiation into his being making himself stronger.

– Energy Blasts: He can shoot blasts of radiation from his hands or heat waves with the radiation from his suit.

– Radiation Emission: Reactor can emit high levels of radiation from his body toward others disorienting them. Reactor can also emit high enough levels to cause radiation poisoning. If he does not have his suit on he constantly emits dangerous levels of radiation.

– Self Explosion and Reformation: Reactor can detonate himself causing a great explosive force varrying from a small bomb to a nuclear bomb if in constant contact of high radiation and an reform himself at will or stay in his gaseous state for a limited period of time before retaking shape.

– Immortality: Due to his body being transformed into pure radiation Reactor has mutated and can live without aging.


Reactor must absorb new radiation in order to stay at full power, otherwise his abilities have minimal effect. If not in his containment suit he is unable to control his radiation.


– Containment Suit: