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Real Name: Jonathan “John”
Gender: Male
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 200 lbs


Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: US/Canadian
Marital Status: Single


– Peak Human Conditioning:

– Peak Human Strength:

– Peak Human Reflexes:

– Peak Human Speed:

– Peak Human Agility:

– Peak Human Endurance:


– Genius Level Intellect:

– Indomitable Will:



– Hawksuit: Nighthawks suit is composed of a triple-weave kevlar material making it bullet proof and is resiliant to various types of damage like explosions and impacts. Its an excellent protection against damage and is flame-retarding and electrically insulated. The cape is incredibly light weight and is used to glide through the air. The mask is equipped with night vision, infrared and ultraviolet viewer as well as auditory sensors and a communication device. It also has multiple built in security systems.

– Utility Belt:

The Rise to Greatness:
As a child John was orphaned at a very young age, growing up in an orphanage he quickly took to reading, expanding his knowledge he became a creative genius over the years gaining knowledge in fields like automotive, engineering, aviation and martial arts. He was finally put into a foster home at the age of 15 and was put into a regular school where he excelled in all of his classes, even being put into college level courses. On his high school graduation John was given a scholarship which he used to go through the Justice Institute and studied for years honing his skills and quickly became a police officer. With his brilliant mind he rose through the ranks to become a detective. John and his partner were called to a shooting, arriving on the scene the two approached the building where John and his partner were both shot, Johns partner died. The shooter was caught and put on trial but was surprisingly released, angry that his partner wouldn’t get the justice deserved John knew the system was corrupt. Quitting the force John went back to school and quickly gained various degrees. Developing a pattern John put the rest of his money into stocks using what he developed he quadrupled his money to become a millionaire.