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Herr D

@prs: Thx. I’m working on dry wit with wet subjects. Hope it balances.

: congrats, man. That sleeve looked big enough to echo his Latin Mass and hold confession.

: contrast is good.

So, where the white bishop held the beads, Bible, and ‘blessing,’ (prosaic, reactive)

the black bishop holds the crozier, censer, and communion set. (arcane, proactive)
BTW–as an aspect of saline and salient strategy: 1. Fill a censer closed around a blessed pufferfish and a natural sponge with deeper, colder seawater mixed with a bit of ‘defensive’ ink from a blessed octopus. 2. Then swim rapidly upward to the underwater chapel and open the dispersion holes. 3. Signal the pufferfish to puff up.
This will–you guessed it: cause the look of heavier-than-air smoke underwater.