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So here is my first guy. High fantasy content alert.
A infamous privateer named Barthalos, whose ship sails the Dread Seas to wreck the ships that carry supplies to the Red Army that bothers the Throne. He carries a rapier called Huatan, forged in the heart of the ancient Elder Court itself. During a particularly low point in his youth, he was addicted to a drug called Burkopp. Since he had already become penniless, he decided to gamble. As he had nothing to give, he placed his eye on the wager. Losing, he lost his eye as well. He saw this as a a chance to “become straight” and became a part of a merchant crew. A few years later, though, he raised mutiny and declared the ship, White Wind, as a pirate ship. During the great pirate hunt, he saved himself by pledging allegience to the Throne.