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Introducing… The Wild-Child!

Jennie Quimby came from a rich family. While on safari with her family in Africa, she was kidnapped by a band of poachers and sold to the mysterious Cult of Kantuiki. The cultists worship a great beast with the speed and grace of a gazelle, the strength and durability of an elephant and the hunting skills and courage of a lion. The cult summoned the Kantuiki and placed it inside the body of the young girl. The next thing Jennie remembered was waking up in the safari park she was kidnapped from. In reality she shifted into the form of Kantuiki, slayed her captors and fled. After being reunited with her family she returned home to England and sought the help of witch Cassie Nightchylde to rid her of her ‘ailment’. But alas, her efforts were unsuccessful. Jennie’s parents were then contacted by Beacon, offering assistance in controlling her new power if she was to attend the Academy, an offer they quickly accepted.Wild-Child.pngSavanna.png