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Thanks Kaylin88100

Introducing Basilisk. Melissa Gardener was a scientist that excelled in the biology of snakes and other reptiles. Before she began to run out of funds to fuel her projects she was working on a serum that could grant a person the natural abilities of the snake. After being unable to repay loan sharks her lab was trashed and the chemicals of her serum as well as others that she had based of the DNA of a komodo dragon were dumped on her. Over the next week she began to mutate. She grew scales, fangs and claws. She also became stronger, faster, more durable, more agile, her senses heightened, she could grow her arms and crush her foes and secreted poison from her fangs. The loan sharks that had caused her mutation were killed soon after. She currently acts as a villian, trying to mutate the populace to match her own. She is a member of the Fearsome Five.