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I’m writing this in response to Nite Rider’s question in the Greek God Hero contest concerning the relection on the boots. (Wow, that seemed like a long sentence) Anyway, I thought it better to post here so as not to take away from the contest. I was going for a really shiny leather look. To create it I used zypping. If your not sure what that is, there is a circle in the Background-Shapes area on the last page that several on this site use for highlighting and shading. If you take the primary and line colors out, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

For the reflection effect, I make the width of all the zyp circles 1. I group a few together with the longest one(s) in the middle and then go shorter as I go out. I make most of them white with usually one or two on the outsite a mid to dark gray. It’s more art than science and the technique I use required a lot of experimentation. I hope this helps.