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Embarassed Scratch what I said on the Sumina-verse thread ’cause I’m definitely feeling the love – and not just here but the blog, as well.

Vampyrist – I wish I had thought of that, oh well. Like Harlekin, I don’t like to go back and fix something once I’ve posted. Funny enough, I usually have at least one thing I intend to do to a picture but forget before I post it.

Tinker – Thank you, you are very kind. I’ve learned a lot about posing and lighting from so many on HM. Normally, I use an image of a pose from the internet to help me. Dark Queen above is a perfect example. I found both that pose and similar looking dress while googling. Also, I find the old fantasy art by Boris Vallejo and other contemporaries, have some of the best shading/highlighting, so I use those as a guide sometimes. Of course, I have about as many failures as successes because I experiment a lot. For example, I planned on entering the Gods contest using Urizen from William Blake’s mythology, but I couldn’t get the sitting pose right, so I created another Sumina-verse character instead (Pisha) using a different sitting pose that did work.

BTW, feel free to draw any character I post, and I’m always willing to share techniques with any who ask. I’d do it more freely, but I don’t like to presume anyone’s interested.