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saytara22,I think the question might be alittle vague,but If it is what I believe it to be that you might want to use pieces from Heromachine to decorate your own body,then I would have to speak for most of the machiners here that we are soley using heromachine to complete our characters.It is kind of an unwritten law that we all use only Heromachine’s items to create our characters.If you do choose to post a character using other programs other then Heromachine,we kindly ask that you state the fact that you did so.I speak for myself when I say I believe anything is possable with this program and tips and tricks and
“how to’s “will open many doors on how to get body types you like.The main thing is that you state that you used a different program when doing so.

P.S. Some of us do use Windows Paintto crop and save screen captures to png files.